Content Writing

We write quality, valuable, and persuasive content that will engage any audience, improve any business or brand, and enhance sales and income. We have been in this terrain for over 8 years. If you’d like to see our writing samples, contact us

Moreover, everyone in business has one major concern – and that’s to grow their business and rake in more income from increased sales. We’re sure that’s what you want, too. And we’re ready to help you achieve your goal.


We can help you improve your sales. Yes! We can help you convince your audience to buy what you’re selling. We know your dream is to attract not just any audience, but one that will regularly do business with you. Let us help you actualize that dream.

For your information, we’ve written – and we’re still writing – content for numerous clients, among whom are successfulBloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers. Work with us, and you’ll join the long – and growing – list of our happy clients.


We can write on different topics, in different tones and styles, to different audiences, and for different purposes. Yet we achieve the same great, positive results in all cases. So, if you’re sure we would be of help to you, contact us, and let’s discuss. You’re not sure yet? Then check out the list of services we offer.

So, you no longer have to worry about how to reach your audience or convince them to take action. We’ll do that for you – in three steps:

  1. We get to know you and your business.
  2. We study your audience and what they expect from you.
  3. We help you give your audience what they want from you, in the exact way they want it.

WebsManagers Content Writing Services

You’re not sure yet? Then check out the list of services we offer.

Article and Blog Post Writing

If high quality, well-optimized (SEO), valuable and original blog posts, articles, tutorials, product reviews, or testimonial that will engage your readers, boost your traffic, and increase your income are what you want, we’ll write them for you — perfectly and to your absolute satisfaction.

Nevertheless, we’ll write in your name and speak in your voice.


Web Content Writing

The words on the pages of your website can make or break your business.  So, they must be carefully chosen and well written. If you use the wrong words, you’ll lose customers.

We can help you say the right thing (about your business) on your web pages, using powerful words that can magically convince prospects and convert them into loyal customers.


E-book and E-course Writing

Truth is, you’ll never attract customers if no one trusts you or your business. People only buy from businesses they know and trust. If you want to build trust and quickly position yourself as an expert in your field, e-books and e-courses are the ways to go.

Aside positioning you as an expert in your field, e-books and e-courses can help you attract subscribers to your mailing list and spread word virally about your business. You can also sell them for some passive income.

If you need someone to help you write a high quality e-book or e-course, look no further. Just contact us.


Email Copy and Newsletter Writing

It’s well known that “there’s money in the list.” But building a successful business online isn’t just about having an extensive email list. It’s about building a connection with people. This connection is the key to making money from your list.

Successfully connecting with your subscribers goes beyond pitching your products or services. It entails enlightening them as well and helping them make well-informed decisions. How then do you achieve all these in a single email?


With our email copywriting service, we’ll help you reinforce that connection between you and your subscribers. we’ll also align ourselves with your goals and craft your powerful emails that will help you accomplish those goals.

We can write marketing emails for a particular campaign as well as autoresponder emails to help you familiarize people with your brand and connect with customers.

Get in touch with us to see how we can work together!


Editing and Proofreading

Aside that having errors in your content makes you come across as a slacker, it makes readers doubt your credibility and discourages prospects from doing business with you.

We have keen eyes and zero tolerance for errors that hide within your content. And we can help you improve the quality of your content by ridding it of all sorts of errors — grammatical, spelling, accuracy, coherence, style, typographical, etc. Just request our service, and you’ll see the difference!


Freelance Blogging

Being the blogger ourselves, we know how difficult and time-consuming managing a blog could be. Keyword research could be tedious. Crafting a blog post that reads exactly how you want it could take several hours. Finding the right images could take more time than you ever imagined. Optimizing your posts and linking them to older posts could be cumbersome. We know.

If your busy schedule or other factors are making it hard for you to run your blog effectively, let us help you. Our freelance blogging/ blog management services entail the following:


  • Researching extensively for keywords/ keyphrases to know exactly what your target audience wants from you.
  • Publishing fresh, engaging, and valuable posts that are well-optimized for search engines — weekly or as you choose.
  • Scouring the web for free-to-use images or design unique outstanding graphics that will add value to your content. “A picture speaks more than thousand of words.”
  • Responding to comments on your posts to strengthen relationship and quickly position you as an expert in your field.
  • Writing quality guest posts and publishing them on authority sites within your niche, — for more exposure and backlinks.
  • Including relevant Meta Keywords and descriptions for each post using the appropriate plugins or widgets.
  • Creating internal links between your current and previous posts to boost your rankings, and keep old posts alive.
  • Giving you professional advice on how to improve the quality and profit potential of your blog.


Custom Service (Combination of Two or More Services)

If you find the service you need above and think we’d be in best position to render it, or if you want us to help you with two or more of the services aforementioned (at a discount). We’re up to the task, too!

You need us to write for you?

If you’re interested in any of our services and would like to hire us, Contact Us by filling the contact form or Click Here to request a free quote, stating the details of your assignment, budget, and deadline. We’ll reply promptly, and we can discuss further to finalize the deal.