How to Create an Effective Newsletter Marketing Campaign


Sometimes getting stable visitors to your business website might not be an easy task .If you have an internet business, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to get more and stable visitors. After all, attracting people to your little corner of the website can be difficult. One creative way of achieving this is by using newsletters. Internet marketing through newsletters is a smart way to get people interested in what you do.

Using newsletters is different than traditional marketing, where you just try to ‘get the word out.’ A single guest post on an authority blog in your niche can bring 2,000 new visitors to your blog within a few days. A single helpful post of yours that hits the reputable forum home page can generate 1,500 new visits within 2 days. And a single Facebook or Twitter update containing a link to your blog can generate over 1,000 new visits within a week. It could be that easy in traditional marketing but the strategy lack ‘visitors retention’.

Website promotion through newsletters is a soft marketing technique that simply informs visitors about what you have for them. By communicating with them and sending them to your website to read your subsequent posts will instils trust and credibility and will send visitors right back to your website.

Guidelines and Tips for Creating an Effective Newsletter Marketing Campaign

 Ask for Address, Don’t Buy Them

You can go and buy long lists of email addresses and use them to distribute your newsletter. It is easy, fast and requires little work on your part. This might seem like a great way to start, and it does have some merits, but in general, it’s best to ask people for their email address.

People are tired of getting unsolicited spam mail and that makes them sceptical. This starts your relationship off on the wrong foot. So, ask visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Note that it is illegal to add people’s emails to your list without their consent (that’s called spam!). Network with complementary websites for referrals and of course, ask people that get your newsletter to pass it along to the colleagues!

 Make it Fun and Interesting, No Matter the Topic

Do you think you can’t have a fun newsletter because you sell concrete or industrial strength solvents? Think again, because no matter what your business is, you can and should have a fun newsletter that people look forward to reading. The goal is to get people interested and have them pass your newsletter along to their friends. Making them think and laugh will make you actualize this goal.

There are many ways to make a newsletter standout and get noticed. Start with well written content and add peripheral subjects for variety. Add in quirky quotes, interesting first hand stories, funny tid-bits, helpful hints and event puzzles and games. You want people to feel that your newsletter adds value to their life.

 Be consistent

Consistency is important in business, and it’s just as important when it comes to your company’s newsletter. This means being consistent in all things, from frequency to quality. Remember that people will form an opinion about you based on your presence online, and this includes your newsletter.

Moreover, if your newsletter is set to be out every two weeks, make sure you hit that deadline. If it is monthly, never let a month go by without getting it out as scheduled. Additionally, make sure that it is consistent in contently well written with similar sections each time.

 Be a Great Writer Not a Good Writer

What separates a ‘great’ writer from a ‘good’ writer? Their focus! ‘Good’ writers get caught in the trap of focusing on what they’re selling. They fool themselves into thinking that if they can describe the product or service in irresistible terms, their readers will want it. ‘Great’ writers go one step beyond. Instead of focusing on what’s being sold, they focus on the readers – or, more specifically – the readers’ heart.

The readers’ heart is the door to their wallets. Open their heart and you’ll open their wallets. Are you going to be a ‘good’ writer and settle for describing things well -or a ‘great’ writer and open the heart of your readers?

 Be at Your Most Persuasive

Think of a situation when you have to convince someone to do something for you. It’s important to be at your most persuasive. Think as if you’ll not get a second chance. For example: You know you have a great product and you want to reach the largest number of potential buyers. There are many approaches and techniques at your disposal for convincing all these people.

This method can be used as a complement to any other technique. It can serve as added leverage to any ongoing strategies in your campaign to arouse their interest. You don’t need a charismatic personality, or nerves of steel, or a poker player’s ability to bluff opponents out. If you’re a shy person, or if you have trouble expressing yourself in front of other people, you can still use this technique effectively.

Internet marketing through newsletters can give you credibility and drive up sales when you do it right. This starts with asking for email addresses and ends with interesting content delivered in a consistent manner. Follow these simple rules and people will be anxiously awaiting your company’s newsletter each and every time.